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Decking Cleaning & Oiling

Decking has been promoted heavily in recent years, especially on garden makeover shows on television. When first installed the decking can look great, but regular maintenance is needed to keep it looking that way. Otherwise, it can soon become dirty and lose some of its 'sheen'. If left for too long the decking can get very slippery and dangerous when damp or wet as algae, bird 'stains' and moss will grow quickly on the surface of the wood outdoors.

Our decking cleaning service is available for homeowners across the Cambridgeshire. Towns covered include Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Wisbech, Ely, St Ives, March and St Neots.

The pressure cleaning machines we use are designed to clean wood and decked areas without damaging it. The jet washer will also clean off any algae, moss, dirt and bird 'stains'. Once this has been done, it is advisable to treat with a good quality decking sealer to give it longer lasting protection. 

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If you live in Cambridgeshire and have decking that needs a clean please ask for a FREE quote by calling 07512 775339 or complete an online enquiry form.